Our Expert Services

"Navigate the investment landscape with an experienced investment advisor"

Investment Strategy

With 18 years of investment experience, including proprietary trading for a large global investment bank as well as his own accounts, Gary has had time to develop and master a number of low risk, high returning investment strategies. Most clients searching for superior returns enjoy the active and accumulative approach.

One of Gary's preferred investment strategy centers around a well timed multi faceted investment approach. Dividends, Option Premium and Capital Gains are all generated in this blue chip strategy with expert timing models. Gary can be contacted anytime to discuss your investment options

Portfolio Services

If you would like an expert opinion or appraisal on how your current portfolio is structured, Gary offers a complimentary portfolio rebalance for new clients, a portfolio review should be conducted regularly to ensure your holdings reflect current market conditions. It is an excellent opportunity to learn how to properly structure portfolios from an experienced senior investment adviser.

Most of Gary's investment strategies centres around an active approach so you'll be in constant contact with him and regularly updated on how the strategies are performing. You will know in advance what investment ideas he is considering and what the long term plan is for those investments.

Investment Education

Gary is an active participant in the industry having mentored many young stockbrokers over the years, he has always taken the time to teach clients who are interested in learning more about the markets and how to improve their trading and investment abilities.

Gary is a regular contributor to a number of financial news platforms , these include SkyBusiness and The Financial News Network.

Additional Services

Deceased Estates

Gary offers an efficient deceased estate service , which allows executors to dispose or transfer holdings and can also provide advice for inherited portfolios.

One Off Sales

Whether you are looking to sell a single holding or an entire portfolio , Gary offers a very streamlined and efficient service that makes the process easy and cost effective for the client