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With 18 years experience in financial markets his advice comes from a well considered perspective. Although a majority of his experience has come from working as a Senior investment advisor at a number of Australia's largest stockbroking firms, the trading knowledge he gained from years of operating as a full time professional trader for himself and as an Institutional Proprietary Trader for a Global Investment Bank has sharpened his investment approach and risk management skills to give him a necessary edge in this testing investment landscape.

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Thursday the 15th of March 2018

"How to Identify Market Tops"


Client Testimonials

  • Ross D
    "Some of the strategies that Gary has introduced me too have worked wonders over the past few years in these considerably volatile times. The active approach and regular income stream is similar to collecting rent regulary on my investment properties – it makes so much sense now that I have doing it for a while."
    Ross D
  • Mike C
    "I have been trading with Gary for many years now, predominantly using a covered call strategy. His skills in the area of chart analysis have resulted in great stock selection and impeccable timing for writing options. This strategy, with Gary's diligent and professional guidance and assistance, has given me consistently high returns." In the right hands this strategy is gold!"
    Mike C
  • Luke J
    "Gary was recommended to me by a good friend and apart from being very happy with my returns, I have found him to be a true gentleman and an extremely professional person to deal with. I have always felt a strong trust with him as my advisor. His calm demeanour and conservative approach helps but I think its the fact that he seems to understand all the risks and always seems to protect my interests."
    Luke J

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